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Dunbar Village Justice, Old School Civil Rights vs New School Black Internet Activism, Black Leadership Accountability

On March 11, 2008 Gina at the blog, What About Our Daughters wrote, Black Folks Get Ready to FIGHT! AL Sharpton to Speak Out in Defense of Dunbar Village Gang Rapist.

She went on to write, you know how all these months we couldn't get anyone in the Black Elite Establishment or the Civil Rights Industrial Complex to speak out about the Dunbar Village gang rape? How we pointed out the sick mental illness of Black leaders who will speak out on behalf of criminals, but never on behalf of the victims of Black on Black crime? Well it has happened again! Now Al Sharpton couldn't be bothered to speak out about the RAPE, but apparently he has no problem speaking out on behalf of the alleged gang rapists! Read More HERE.

Villager, from the blog, Electronic Village recently posted on the situation urging members of his blogging community at Electronic Village and others to Stop NAACP Support of Rapists. He wrote, in the past week, a rapidly-moving viral email campaign was launched, and thousands of concerned Black citizens spread the word about crimes against nature committed in the Dunbar Village complex against a Black woman and her 12 year old son.

“Stop Al Sharpton and the NAACP from endangering Black Women,” described a stunning betrayal in which the NAACP and Al Sharpton held a press conference and demanded bail consideration for three suspects in custody for the crime.

Concerned Black citizens all around the country were outraged by the actions of the NAACP and Al Sharpton, and many vowed to withdraw volunteering and financial support from these agencies “
until they make the safety of Black women and children a priority.”

On March 24, 2008 an NAACP memo that attempted to defend this betrayal was sent to Beverly Neal, who is the Director of the NAACP’s Florida State Conference.
The memo claims that the NAACP was brought into this fray by Rev. Al Sharpton. Moreover, the memo was written by Maude Ford Lee, who is President of the West Palm Beach Branch of the NAACP Read More HERE

Well the battle lines have been drawn, black bloggers are outraged. Check out these blogs who have posted on the issue (H/T Electronic Village for the link).

Dunbar Village Blog

A Different Story

Anonymiss Blog

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Roslyn Holcomb's Blog

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Tribute to Black Women

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Something Within

Now Howard Witt of the Chicago tribune is following the case and calls it, a case that puts civil rights blocs at odds. Howard Witt reports on how Web-based activists and old-guard leadership not Seeing Eye to eye on Florida assaults. Read More below:

Case puts civil rights blocs at odds

By Howard Witt

A 35-year-old Haitian immigrant and her 12-year-old son were forced into their home at gunpoint in the bleak Dunbar Village housing project in West Palm Beach, Fla. The woman was beaten, raped and sodomized for hours, allegedly by a gang of African-American teenagers, then forced to abuse her son. Finally the attackers doused the victims with household chemicals—pouring them directly into the boy's eyes—and attempted to set the two on fire before fleeing.

Yet outside South Florida, the attack last June largely escaped notice, and it scarcely registered on the radar of national civil rights leaders because it involved the awkward topic of black-on-black crime.

Three weeks ago, however, Al Sharpton and local representatives of the NAACPBoca Raton were freed on bail. held a news conference in West Palm Beach where they declared that four black teenagers arrested for the Dunbar Village attack are being treated unfairly because they remain incarcerated without bond, while five white teenagers recently accused of sexually assaulting two white girls in nearby

Triggering dual outrage

"You cannot have one set of rules for acts that are wrong and horrific in Boca and another set in Dunbar Village," Sharpton said, as parents of some of the Dunbar defendants nodded behind him. "You must have equal protection under the law."

It was, for Sharpton and the NAACP, a familiar situation and a routine news conference: Contrasting the treatment of blacks and whites in the criminal justice system and calling for fairness.

But Sharpton's remarks—and his apparent call for the Dunbar Village suspects to be released on bail—triggered outrage on dozens of blogs devoted to civil rights, feminism and the interests of African-American crime victims. Now the Dunbar Village case is deepening a growing schism between traditional civil rights organizations and a new, Internet-driven generation of younger activists who take a more nuanced view of many issues. More HERE

AAPP: Go ahead, please read the rest of the links and articles share your opinions on the blogs and articles. Stop back by here too. Give us you thoughts. Get involved write the NAACP and Al Sharpton let them know what you’re thinking.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Election 08, Blogging For Voter Justice, Concede Now Hillary

Blogging for Voter Justice

On this day I proudly join The
Afrosphere Action Coalition and its Coordinating Committee members (Francis L. Holland, Wayne Hicks, Daz Wilson and Yobachi Boswell) to impress upon the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and Senator Hillary Clinton, that the Junior Senator from New York should immediately concede the election. I join the call for like minds to sign the petition and email/call/postal mail a statement of their choosing to the Democratic party bosses let them know that acting like Republicans and stealing the vote will not be excepted. I agree with blogger, brother PeaceMaker, Not Every American Is Ready For President Obama but the question is are we ready for total chaos at the Democratic National Convention and a Republican win in November 2008 ?

On this day of Blogging For Voter Justice
Tuesday (March 25th), I could put up one of those ugly pictures on the internet of Hillary Clinton, but I won't do that. You know how ugly Hillary Clinton and her surrogates have been during this political season. I could easily agree with Jim VandeHei and Mike Allen of and point out five reasons why Hillary should be worried, but I won't do that today, I already agreed with them two days ago. The fact is folks, you probably already know dozens of reasons why she should be worried.

Hillary Clinton

I could list the 14 reason Time Magazine's, Mark Halperin list as:
Painful Things Hillary Clinton Knows but I won't I will only post the top 3:

1. She can’t win the nomination without overturning the will of the elected delegates, which will alienate many Democrats.

2. She can’t win the nomination without a bloody convention battle — after which, even if she won, history and many Democrats would cast her as a villain.

3. Catching up in the popular vote is not out of the question — but without re-votes in Florida and Michigan it will be almost as impossible as catching up in elected delegates.

The others you can read HERE.

I could give her (Hillary Clinton) some advice on how to bow out gracefully but she has already received plenty of that. I could talk about Team Clinton's color aroused tactics of "darkening the tone of Barack Obamas skin in TV attack ads, but you know about that too. I could also talk about how Lenora Fulani is running for President as an independent and has charged Hillary with color aroused campaigning, but I won't I could talk about how Team Clinton have swift boated Barack more than any republican thus far, but you know that as well.

So... What can I really talk about. I can't talk about Hillary Clinton's real problems? Pam over at Pam's House Blend has that covered. Should I talk about Hillary Clinton's "Bosnia Sniper fire" Lie, probably not plenty bloggers are talking about her getting caught Up In Her Own Lies:.
So what should I talk about to prove that Hillary should concede? Should I talk about her lies about military contracts? Should I talk about her throw the kitchen at him, The Politics of Fear? Or should I just talk about her Politics as ususal?

Well, folks I'm not going to talk about any of those things. as they have already have been talked about. forget about
Team Clinton's New Math, It's just time for people to grow up and realize the Story behind the story, as Politico writers, & recently noted, Hillary Rodham Clinton has virtually no chance of winning. More HERE. It's time for Hillary to Concede Now! it is time to stop this disaster.


Sunday, March 23, 2008

Darryl Turner , Black 17 year old, Tased To Death,Tasered While Black

Darryl Turner passed away after being involved in an altercation inside a Food Lion in northeast Charlotte.

Damn, There seems to be an all out attack on black boys and men. This time it's in Charlotte, N.C. according to Brad Borders at News 14:

CHARLOTTE -- There are new details in the death of a 17-year old who was Tased on Thursday by a Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police officer and later died.

Darryl Turner passed away after being involved in an altercation inside a Food Lion in northeast Charlotte. There are now multiple investigations in to the case, including one from the boy’s mother, who has already hired an attorney.

"It felt like my heart was going to come out of my chest when I found out,” said Tammy Fontenot, Turner’s mother. "I just want the truth to come out, that's what I’m concerned with -- the truth." Police are investigating what happened when Turner was Tased during the altercation. According to a CMPD statement, an officer deployed the Taser when Turner refused verbal commands and moved toward police.On Friday, Turner’s friends and family visited Fontenot to help her through her grief.

Find out more about this and other crimes against our people on the blog:
Tasered While Black
It's time to hold police accountable for their actions Charlotte/Mecklenburg County. So Citizens of Charlotte, what do you plan to do?


Friday, March 21, 2008

Stop Al Sharpton and the NAACP from endangering Black Women!

Cross Posted from Black Women Vote! in support of justice for the Dunbar Village victim and her son.

Right-thinking black people everywhere are stunned by the recent betrayal of Al Sharpton and the NAACP in a situation that is just too outrageous to ignore.

This is a painful story to tell, but it's important for the moral, law-abiding majority of black Americans to understand exactly why Al Sharpton and the NAACP must be immediately stopped.

On June 18, 2007, a black woman was gang raped by 10 youths and forced at gunpoint to have sex with her own 12 year old son in a housing complex called Dunbar Village in West Palm Beach, Florida. The young men not only viciously punched, kicked and sliced this sister and her son with glass objects, but they also blinded her boy by pouring nail polish remover into his eyes.

The young men forced this sister and son to lay naked in a bathtub together, and attempted to set them on fire (they could not find matches). The youths boldly took cell phone pictures so that they could enjoy their violent, immoral and sadistic acts at a later time. The violence continued for more than three hours, and although this sister's neighbors heard her screams, no one called the police or came to her aid.

This sister and her son had to walk a mile to the hospital, because the assailants stole her car, and threatened to kill her and her family if she told the authorities.

Only four of the young men have been apprehended, while the remaining six are on the loose, doing Lord knows what in our communities. There is no manhunt for the remaining suspects.

As devastating as this story is, what the NAACP and Al Sharpton have done about it will simply take your breath away:

Not only did the NAACP ignore hundreds of requests to assist this woman because it was 'outside the scope of their mission', but they joined forces with Al Sharpton, and sent their lawyers to speak out IN SUPPORT OF THE RAPISTS.

You heard me right.

Even though there is conclusive DNA evidence and signed confessions, the NAACP and Al Sharpton are saying that it is 'unfair' to not offer bail to these four alleged rapists. They even had a press release about it.


Al Sharpton and the NAACP are banking on the belief that you and I will be just like this black woman's neighbors. Join me by saying NOT THIS TIME. We will not turn a deaf ear to when we hear calls for help from one of our sisters and brothers who are being victimized.

Stop the NAACP and Al Sharpton's National Action Network from committing this disgrace in our community. Just this once, let's stand up and be counted by saying that we demand safe neighborhoods for our women and children.

Here is what you can do:

1. Spread the word. Forward this email if your conscience and concern have been raised. Send it to every concerned black citizen that you know.

2. Demand an explanation from your local NAACP chapter about this case. Cancel your membership to these organizations, and write a letter explaining that you will return when they prioritize the public safety needs of black women and children.

3. If you do not belong to these organizations, call and write them to tell them of your outrage and displeasure:

NAACP National Headquarters
4805 Mt. Hope Drive
Baltimore MD 21215
Toll Free: (877) NAACP-98
Local: (410) 580-5777

National Action Network
Rev. Al Sharpton
106 W. 145th Street
Harlem, New York 10039

4. f you know an African American reporter or a black radio talk show host, forward this story them and ask them to follow up on it.

Each Friday at 9:00am, visit any of the websites below, which will give you an update on the status of this situation. DO NOT LET THIS GO. Let us start working for safer neighborhoods in black communities.

Read the history of the Dunbar Village problem here:


Black Women: Please visit
and let the revolution begin!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Barack Obama, Michael Savage and Media Matters

Neanderthal Michael Savage?

AAPP: Well it's obvious that one Neanderthal savage just does not get it. As reported by Media Matters, highly regarded radio bigot Michael Savage stated of Sen. Barack Obama: "I think he was hand-picked by some very powerful forces both within and outside the United State of America to drag this country into a hell that it has not seen since the Civil War of the middle of the 19th century." it's time to take action against bigots like Michael Savage.


Media Matters reports, "On the March 13 broadcast of his nationally syndicated radio show, Michael Savage stated of Sen. Barack Obama: "I think he was hand-picked by some very powerful forces both within and outside the United State of America to drag this country into a hell that it has not seen since the Civil War of the middle of the 19th century." Savage was discussing controversial statements by Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright, the recently retired pastor of Obama's church, when he made the comments.

In the past, Savage has said of Obama, "We have a right to know if he's a so-called friendly Muslim or one who aspires to more radical teachings." He has also referred to Obama as "Barack Madrassas Obama," and falsely claimed that he was "indoctrinated" in a "Muslim madrassa in Indonesia."

Talk Radio Network, which syndicates Savage's show, says that Savage is heard on more than 350 radio stations. The Savage Nation reaches more than 8 million listeners each week, according to Talkers Magazine, making it one of the most listened-to talk radio shows in the nation, behind only The Rush Limbaugh Show and The Sean Hannity Show.

From the March 13 edition of Talk Radio Network's The Savage Nation:

SAVAGE: And I'm warning you that Barack Obama's pastor is the soul of Barack Obama's movement. And if you want a man who says not "God bless America," but "God damn America," if you want a man who takes the side of the imperial Japanese army, an army that killed not only hundreds of thousands in the Bataan Death March, but hundreds of thousand of Koreans, an army that operated on people while they were alive in Manchuria, a man who takes the side, in essence, of the Japanese Nazis of World War II, if you want a man who takes the side, in essence, of the Hitlers of the world, then you've got it in Barack Obama's pastor, Jeremiah Wright, of the Trinity United Church of Christ.

And I'm warning you here -- I am sitting here and warning you that Barack Obama himself -- I don't know whether he's good, bad or indifferent -- I think he's just an ordinary apparatchik of the Democrat machine in Chicago, personally. I don't think he's particularly smart; I don't think he's particularly stupid. I think he was hand-picked by some very powerful forces both within and outside the United States of America to drag this country into a hell that it has not seen since the Civil War of the middle of the 19th century.

And I warn you, ladies and gentlemen, what I'm playing for you is not edited speech, it is not corrected speech, it is not invented speech, it is unadulterated speech of the lowest order, and it's not coming from a conservative -- it's coming from a liberal, like yourself. And so, in case you missed it, I'm gonna play it all day. I suggest you call a few of your friends. If you're in a synagogue, give a call to your rabbi who has a Barack Obama on his lawn. Let us say you're a church-goer and a white person, and you think, "Hey, the Messiah has arrived! Obama's gonna lead us and save us!" I want you to call a few members of your church to listen to where he's gonna lead you and what he's gonna say, because this man, by the way, has not been disconnected from Obama. Why, he makes Louis Farrakhan sound like a nice man.


According to an account in the New York Times, Savage broadcasts his show out of three "virtual safe houses" -- whose location he will not reveal -- and "is licensed to carry a pistol and does so," out of fears for his life. His program reaches an estimated eight million listeners a week on nearly 400 stations.

Want to Take action?

Take Action!

Contact information:

Michael Savage

Talk Radio Network
Talk Radio Network
Talk Radio Network
P.O. Box 3755
Central Point, Oregon 97502
Phone: 541-664-8827
Fax: 541-664-6250

The Savage Nation
The Savage Nation
The Paul Revere Society
150 Shoreline Hwy, Bldge E
Mill Valley, CA 94941
Fax: 415-339-9383

When contacting the media, please be polite and professional. Express your specific concerns regarding that particular news report or commentary, and be sure to indicate exactly what you would like the media outlet to do differently in the future.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Blogger Racial Divide and Blogger Color Arousal

A national conversation about race. When will bloggers as a group address the issue?

Tears flow down the face of supporter Marty Nesbitt as Democratic presidential hopeful Sen. Barack Obama D-Ill., speaks about race during a news conference in Philadelphia, Tuesday, March 18, 2008.(AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

wow, I just had the same conversation with Francis L. Holland last night. But the conversation we both thought about was more a national conversation about
Color Arousal and bloggers.

As part of that national conversation on race and color arousal, lets include a national conversation on blogger color arousal and the digital blogger divide.

You see what Barack Obama is talking about in the video below, has a lot to do with what is going on in America's blogger community as well. I'm reminded that much of the conversation about race in the presidential election is based on comments made by Hillary and Bill Clinton and their surrogates. I'm also reminded that Bill
Clinton and white bloggers met a year ago in Harlem NY without including black folks in the conversation. How interesting. Is there a "connection." ?

I'm reminded about a post a year or so ago, by Liza at the culture Kitchen when she wrote: "These are the 20 liberal bloggers that met with Bill Clinton in Harlem. As you can see, not one of them is black or latino.

Via Republic of T.

This photo proves that It's official : Hillary to run for President, so she kills the Liberal Blogosphere first.

I am just shocked at the glee with which Peter Daou has shown his disrespect for Pam Spaulding, Steve Gilliard, Louis Pagan, Chris Rabb, Earl Dunovant and me when he decided to not invite neither of us, or for that matter, any other black or latino bloggers.

Yes, Steve Gilliard, Pam Spaulding, and me have been vocal about Hillary's run for the presidency. You'd think though our opinions would be given the weight they deserve within the blogosphere itself --let's not even talk about the Clintonites or Washington.

Which is why I stand by what I said : In order for Hillary Clinton to run for president, she will do anything and everything to squash the voices of dissent raised through the progressive netroots. Stuffing their faces with lunch is one tasty way to go about it.

The more pressing question remains :

What does it mean though that there are 20 bloggers invited to this lunch and not one is black or latino? What does it mean for this group of bloggers to be patting themselves on the backs for being with Clinton when they are all in Harlem and not one of them is a person of color? What does it mean for these people to be there and have not one of them raise this issue in their blogs?" More HERE

Has Anything change? Yes, The Afrospear was created because other bloggers did not want to have a discussion regarding color arousal politics, or a national conversation on blogger color arousal and the continuing blogger divide. I Guess francis Holland is in many ways right.

The New Organizing Institutes' Blogger Summit has begun a real national conversation with bloggers about the blogger divide. Leading in that conversation included black bloggers like Pam Spaulding from Pam's House Blend, Citizen Journalist, Faye Anderson of Anderson at Large. Barantunde from Jack and Jill Politics, Gabriel from the Color of Change , Brandon Q, from The Super Spade, Field Negro, and Kevin Myles, president of the Wichita Branch of the NAACP.

Now the question is whether the Pseudo-Progressive 'A list' bloggers like DailyKos, MYDD, and others will continue the conversation started by Pam Spaulding, Steve Gilliard, Louis Pagan, Chris Rabb, Earl Dunovant, Francis L. Holland and others. Recently continued by The New Organizing Institutes' Blogger Summit. The engagement in a national conversation on Color arousal/Race and the Blogger Divide is a critical conversation. Or will this just be allowed to fester, because we can't handle the truth?

Hat Tip to all the bloggers who held it down, and worked to address the issue of the continuing blogger divide. Folks like, Liza, Francis L. Holland, Louis Pagan, Chris Rabb, and Earl Dunovant.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Hillary Clinton is a Color Aroused, Ignorant, Arrogant, Illogical and Condescending Race Baiter

AAPP: I get what Hillary Clinton and her surrogates, including, NBC are doing and saying to Obama: Get on the back of the bus! Boy!

Hillary and company are saying, Black folks have not payed their dues. Obama, you may be leading in the number of delegates, the number of votes, and the number of state primaries won, but your only able to be
Vice President Obama, and I Hillary Clinton, make the decision if you will be President of these here United States - Not The American People! I am so glad Obama is not hearing that get to the back of the bus conversation. She is illogical.

Check out the article by Mike Downing on
How Clinton camp justifies Obama as VP

Does Hillary Clinton believe Barack Obama is good enough to be a heartbeat away from the presidency but still a second-rate choice for commander-in-chief?

As Clinton’s campaign simultaneously questions Obama’s readiness to be commander-in-chief and enthusiastically promotes him as a vice-presidential choice should she win the nomination, a Clinton surrogate this morning made the unusual argument that Obama is “qualified” to be a heartbeat away from the presidency but still falls far short of Clinton’s readiness for the job.

Tim Russert, moderator for “Meet the Press,” bored in on the seeming inconsistency in questioning Pennsylvania Democratic Gov. Ed Rendell, a surrogate who appeared on behalf of the Clinton campaign.

While the Clinton campaign’s recent rhetoric suggests that Obama may not meet the standard of readiness voters would expect in a commander-in-chief, Rendell argued that Obama is in fact “ready” for the job.

Still, according to Rendell, his candidate’s "dream" vice-presidential pick is “not nearly as ready as Hillary Clinton is, there's no question about that.”

Here is the exchange:

RUSSERT: Would--do you think that Barack Obama would be acceptable as vice president?

RENDELL: Acceptable? I think it would be a dream to Democrats all over this country. Personally, for me, it would be a great ticket. I mean, I'm going to fight hard for Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama, whoever the candidate is. But put them together and I think it would give America a rare opportunity to experience something just incredibly wonderful.

RUSSERT: So, if you believe he's acceptable as vice president, one heartbeat away from the presidency, you believe that Barack Obama is qualified to be commander in chief.

RENDELL: I think he's qualified. I don't think he's as good a potential commander in chief right now as Hillary Clinton is. But I certainly think he's qualified. And I will work my heart out for him if he's our nominee, just as I know Tom will work his heart out for Senator Clinton if she's our nominee.

RUSSERT: It--that seems to be in conflict with some things that you have said and what Hillary Clinton has said. On Wednesday you sent out a statement from the Clinton campaign that says, "We want a president who's ready, not one we hope will one day be ready," suggesting Barack Obama is not ready. Hillary Clinton said this on Monday. Let's listen.


CLINTON: I think that I have a lifetime of experience that I will bring to the White House. I know Senator McCain has a lifetime of experience that he will bring to the White House. And Senator Obama has a speech he gave in 2002.

(End videotape)

RUSSERT: And she went on to offer these observations about a threshold for commander in chief. Let's listen.

(Videotape, Thursday)

CLINTON: I think it's imperative that each of us be able to demonstrate we can cross the commander in chief threshold, and I believe that I've done that. Certainly Senator McCain has done that. And, and you'll have to ask Senator Obama with respect to his candidacy.

(End videotape)

RUSSERT: So, Governor Rendell, if Barack Obama's qualified to be vice president, he has crossed the commander in chief threshold. Correct?

RENDELL: Well, I, I think he's ready. He's not nearly as ready as Hillary Clinton is, there's no question about that. But, look, make no mistake about it, he's a talented, dynamic politician and, and a, and a good senator, and I think he would make a fine president. Again, is he as experienced and as ready as Hillary Clinton? Nobody is. Tim, I've been talking to Democratic candidates since 1980, and Hillary Clinton is the best-prepared candidate I've ever talked to. Far better prepared than Bill Clinton was in 1992.

RUSSERT: But if, in fact, there's a possibility Obama may be the Democratic nominee, would it be better, in the interest of the Democratic Party, that the Clintons not suggest that he hasn't passed the threshold to be commander in chief?

RENDELL: Well, sure. Look, there, there's rhetoric in a campaign on all, on all sides, and I, I think the, the issue should be framed as ready compared to Hillary Clinton. And, and that's the way I would frame the issue going forward. To me, there's no contest. I don't think--it's not Barack Obama's fault. I think almost any of the other candidates would have fallen into the same category, ready but not as ready as Hillary

AAPP: No matter how many votes a black man has, Hillary would rather have us get to the back of the bus. Thank God Obama is having none of this color aroused nonsense and has told Hillary to dream on.


Personally I seriously wonder why Hillary and her surrogates seem to want America to go back to this period in American history (pictured below).

Ku Klux Klansmen beat black bystander George Webb in the Birmingham Trailways station, May 14, 1961.Ku Klux Klansmen beat black bystander George Webb in the Birmingham Trailways bus station, May 14, 1961. The man with his back to the camera (center right) is FBI undercover agent Gary Thomas Rowe. Oxford University Press

Thursday, March 6, 2008

One Brother To Another, An Open Letter To Barack Obama

Dear Senator Obama, Don't Let Hillary paint you into a box.

Don't act Like Al Gore, and those two other Democrats from my home town of Massachusetts, who showed no balls and just sat back and let the Republicans beat them to pieces. Do you want the Presidency or not? If you do, you will have to fight for it. Nice guys in politics finish last. stop being Mr. Nice guy and go after Hillary and her corn-ball husband, color aroused husband, and her ignorant black supporters.

Her husband (Bill) created that NAFTA mess and she is running from her own voting past. She voted for Bush’s war on Iraq, she voted for Bush’s USA Patriot Act, she voted to reauthorize Bush’s USA Patriot Act, she opposed the international treaty to ban land mines, and she supported Israel’s massive military assault on the civilian infrastructure of Lebanon and the Gaza Strip which took the lives of over 1,000 civilians, half of whom were children. And get this, Hillary Clinton couldn’t be bothered to read the NIE before casting her pro-Iraq war vote. Enough is enough - Don't let the King pins of the democratic party steal this one from you.

As blogger, John K Wilson noted in his post, The Case Against Hillary Clinton, Hillary Clinton as the Democratic nominee appears to be the primary hope Republicans have left to win in November. Rush Limbaugh declared, "Most of our guys want to run against’s a gold mine."(October 22, 2007) Michael Reagan wrote, "let her cruise her way to the nomination so we Republicans can have the pleasure of dissecting her in the general election campaign." If Hillary is the nominee, millions of conservatives and independents who hate her will donate money and come out to vote, people who otherwise might stay home out of disgust with the Republican Party. A Hillary nomination might cost Democrats the presidency, but even if she wins, these reverse coattails will almost certainly cost Democrats several House and Senate seats. In the current political environment, Democrats should easily win the presidency in a landslide and gain a strong majority in Congress. But if Hillary Clinton is nominated, Democrats will be rolling the dice and hoping that she can overcome the tidal wave of hatred against her."

I agree with John. Senator Obama, Get busy and fight hard. They have slung some mud, and they have only begun. The question is, what will you do?


Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Election 08, David Pompeii, Black Folks, Black Voters.Barack Obama

Check out this video (below) by David Pompeii. He is a LA based comic who has many TV and Film credits. He works with a group called Election08. They created a video called "" that received over 1,460,000 hits on Youtube as of today. They have been featured on CNN, Nightline, Huffington Post, Newsweek and more. This brother creates Afrocenetric, satirical, politically slanted videos in support of the Black community.

Also check out his website at: