Saturday, April 12, 2008

What's wrong with Black people

AAPP: I recently posted Black Youth Out of Control. Has Black America Lost Total Control ? Little did I know I would get the answers to my questions in a vivid, clear, reasoned and thought provoking style from a local Branch of the NAACP. It comes from one of the NAACP Branch President's I have come to deeply admire and respect. Mr. K Myles. I know once you read his post you will understand why I respect this brother so much.

Please check out his post.

"What's wrong with Black people?"

By K. Myles

Last night, I watched the MSNBC special "Meeting David Wilson". During the special, they aired a segment of David Wilson's film where he asked people to answer the question "What's wrong with Black People?"
Those of you who have attended forums with me know that I have often asked a variant of the same question;
"Why have Black people gone crazy?" Without discounting or negating any of the social or institutional factors that share complicity in the genesis of our dysfunction, I believe the question is worthy of our contemplation. My colleagues in academia would certainly argue that the pathologies we see within the Black community are inextricably linked to the institutions of slavery, the black codes, and Jim Crow; the institutionalized philosophies of Willie Lynch, White Supremacy and Dred Scott; and their shared legacy of Black Self Hatred. And while the evidence of such is certainly compelling (to me), I am NOT sure that it truly explains the condition of our culture.
Where I think the argument falls flat is that it does not acknowledge the fact that we survived the horrors of all of the aforementioned attacks with our culture in tact - More HERE

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