Wednesday, November 26, 2008

PDS Indeed

It is beyond pathetic to me that Palin's appearance at a "Turkey Pardon" event would be labeled as breaking news by any professional news program, but it merely highlights the sorry state of affairs when it comes to our media.

It is equally pathetic that the media has made a big deal out of the fact that turkey's were buying it while she was talking. Its mildly amusing, but a commentary on Palin it isn't.

That being said, the video is another opportunity to observe Palin and see if observing her in her native habitat would change my opinion that she lacks gravitas. Short answer: Nope. I have to believe that her acumen and intelligence must be clearly expressed in ways other than how she comes across in her communication in this type of setting. She's a governor, I simply reject the premise that she is stupid. However, I don't get anything in the way of a feeling of depth out of her by a long shot. McCain talks, I get depth, I get that he is somebody who has spent time grappling with deep issues, someone who is comfortable with deep thinking. That vibe is simply non existent when it comes to Palin.

I could put my response to her down to unacknowledged sexism but for the inconvenient fact that I can name any number of women who can speak to issues with comforting gravitas and sobriety, women who I believe are intellectual heavy hitters when they talk. Palin does not inspire that.

Perhaps Palin is a very intellectually uncomplicated personality who operates from a place of always on, every day, common sense practicality. I can believe that no problem. That personality type certainly has virtue and utility, but in a very complex world, I'm not persuaded that that is enough to run the country. The job is bigger than that.

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