Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Holding Police Accountable

Working to hold Black leadership, opinion makers, public officials and institutions accountable

Source: News8 Austin, TX

A man tasered by Austin police last year is now suing the officer and the city.

Cpl. Thomas O'Connor arrested Darryl Snelling on Thanksgiving day in 2006 after he was pulled over for speeding on MoPac in West Austin. His mother and cousin were in the car at the time.

O'Conner clocked Snelling's Hyundai Accent going five miles over the speed limit.

He asked for some ID and insurance information, and 45 seconds later, Snelling was pulled from his car and shot with a Taser. Snelling claims he did nothing wrong when he got out of the car and O'Connor used excessive force when he didn't have to.

The lawsuit, filed on Dec. 7, claims assault and battery, false arrest and false imprisonment for charges the officer levied on Snelling. Damages include medical expenses, pain and anguish and lost wages.

"I was a victim of something I couldn't believe, that an officer would go to that extent and that aggressiveness. He did," Snelling said.

AAPP: More black folks should be holding police accountable for their actions.

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