Saturday, May 31, 2008

African American Political Pundit Credentialed and will Blog LIVE at the 2008 Democratic National Convention

OK, my email box has been on full blast over he past few days. Thank you everyone for the congratulatory emails.

I'm a man of faith, and my mother taught me to always thank God for the blessings you receive. So today I want to thank God for the blessing I received. I am appreciative and proud of the fact that the Democratic National Convention staff have chosen me and other members of the AfroSpear (black blogger think tank) and the larger Afrosphere (black bloggers around the United States & World) to cover one of the most significant events in over 400 years of African American history.

A special congratulations and shout out to
Jack and Jill Politics, Pam's House Blend, What About Our Daughters?, culturekitchen, Dallas South blog, Oliver Willis, RaceWire who are also credentialed and will also blog at the convention. Like you I commit myself to providing the best coverage possible.

Factoid: In 2004, the DNCC credentialed about 30 blogs to cover the Convention in Boston - the first Convention to credential bloggers. Recently, the DNCC announced that 55 blogs focused on state and local politics were selected to be members of the DemConvention State Blogger Corps.

AAPP: I'm still concerned about the lack of
diversity in the State Blogger Corps, and will discuss it (giving my own opinion and not the opinion of the afrospear black bloggers think tank) in an upcoming post.

Again, I'm proud to have been selected, with afrospear bloggers and the over
120 bloggers for this historic event. I believe the DNC still has some work to do in order to truly make things right with the larger black bloggers community, and larger black democratic constituency. I will talk about possible constructive corrective action in my upcoming post. I'm sure black bloggers attending the convention and those activist interested in a constructive conversation about diversity, we will keep the lines of communication open. We can meet and resolve this issue, as America works to take back the White House.

NOTE: Altogether, the DNCC will credential more than 120 blogs for the Convention and many more individuals will blog the Convention via credentials issued through the U.S. Congressional Press Galleries.

The complete list of blogs credentialed blogs are listed at: or check it out below:

To all the bloggers selected congratulations.

2008 Democratic Convention Watch
African American Political Pundit
Asian American Action Fund Blog
Badlands Blue
Bagnews Notes
Bitch Ph.D.
Blogger News Network
Blogging For Michigan
Blue Hampshire
Blue Indiana
Blue Jersey
Blue Mass. Group
Buckeye State Blog
Burnt Orange Report
Campus Progress
Celtic Diva’s Blue Oasis
Change to Win
Colorado Confidential
Cotton Mouth Blog
Crooks and Liars
Daily Kingfish
Daily Kos
Dallas South Blog
Democracy Arsenal
Democracy for New Mexico
Democratic Party of the U.S. Virgin Islands
Democratic Underground
Democrats Abroad Argentina
Digby’s Hullabaloo
Doc’s Political Parlor
Fired Up!
Florida Progressive Coalition
Future Majority
Georgia Politics Unfiltered
Green Mountain Daily
Grist Magazine
Group News Blog
HummingbirdMinds Blog
Jack and Jill Politics
Keystone Politics
Las Vegas Gleaner
Left In Alabama
Left in the West
Michigan Liberal
Minnesota Monitor
My Left Nutmeg
New Nebraska Network
No Rest for the Awake
Obsidian Wings
Ohio Daily Blog
Open Left
Pam’s House Blend
Political Base
Political Wire
Pop and Politics
Prairie State Blue
Raising Kaine
Raw Story
Rhode Island’s Future
Room 8
Rum, Romanism and Rebellion
Scholars & Rogues
Seeing the Forest
Sepia Mutiny
Talking Points Memo
Taylor Marsh
The Albany Project
The Center for Emerging Media
The Iowa Independent
The Natchez Blog
The Seminal
The UpTake
The Utah Amicus
The Washington Independent
Think Youth
Thought Theater
Tondee’s Tavern
Turn Maine Blue
Under The
Uppity Wisconsin
USAmerica Vota ‘08
West Virginia Blue
What About Our Daughters? Blog
Working Life
Zennie’s Zeitgeist

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