Saturday, June 7, 2008

Is Rev. Jesse Jackson Hating On Black Bloggers?

AAPP: Check out this recent article written by Howard Witt at the Chicago Tribune tiltled black activists go blogging in challenging the status quo. In the article Witt talks about how older, familiar leaders such as Rev. Jesse Jackson, Rev. Al Sharpton and NAACP Chairman Julian Bond are under challenge by a younger generation of bloggers known by such provocative screen names as Field Negro, The Free Slave, and African American Political Pundit.

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It's a great article by the way, but I got to tell you, Rev. Jackson seems to be fearful of black bloggers and the new emerging black leadership. Or he may be just stuck on stupid.

Oh no Rev. Jesse Jackson didn't say, "Internet bloggers can serve the meal better than they can farm."

Jesse Jackson

Yes, Jackson actually told Howard Witt. "Farming requires tilling the soil, removing the debris, planting, being patient, letting it germinate. That's the strength of labor unions and churches and civil rights organizations."

I can see that Rev. Jesse Jackson is still stuck on using an old electric typewriter and listening to his old school 8 track tapes. All right Rev. Jackson, your still stuck back in the day when you lead those civil rights efforts that are now all but dead to most black Americans.

I (somewhat) respect Rev. Jesse Jackson, but Jesse Jackson really needs to lead, follow or just get out the way. Maybe, he needs to write another book on his
old electric typewriter, while listening to his old school 8 track tapes. Maybe even reflecting on his many years of fighting the fight as a poverty (pimp).

OK for you people who are politically correct folks, he is an old poverty pimpin' "subject matter expert."

I may buy that book, but I'm not buying his hating on black political and social action bloggers. What has he done lately?


Michael Davis-Dallas Progress said...

The comment by Rev. Jackson was somewhat disappointing.

Yet, I hold out optimism that the Rev. will come around and realize that the work that we are doing to organize and inform is an extension of the work that he and others did decades ago.

I am not Star Jones said...

Poor Jesse, Al and Julian...
they see the future and are terrified.

Now..let'ssee if the terror will allow them to step away from the corporate trough that they feast.

Heru said...

It was a case of cyber-rooted activist supporting a dynamic and vibrant political persona. The blogasphere propelled Obama to the nomination. The fact that Jesse nor any other supposed leader of black folks was involved in any form or fashion effectively hails the passing of the guard.

Obama's nomination as the Democratic party's candidate for POTUS has effectively eviscerated Jesse, Al, BET Bob, and the rest of the "Cash Money" poverty pimping players from the baller's room of the Democratic party.

Maxjulian said...

Isn't Jesse Jackson the one who said "I'm a tree shaker, not a jelly maker?!"

Dude needs to step aside.

Bob said...

Nearly every day I check in on Field Negro & Pam at Houseblend. What are they saying that Rev. Jackson isn't saying? That's something Jesse hasn't figured out yet.

Kieya said...

jesse jackson needs to go elsewhere...he'll still be trying to run things in 20 years