Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Black Radio

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The Black Agenda Report takes it to the next level with an accurate analysis of syndicated hustler Michael Baisden. Check out the powerful article (below) on the place Black America finds itself in regarding Black Talk Radio. Do you have some thoughts on what needs to be done? Share your thoughts in the comments section or go directly to the Black Agenda Report website. Let them know what you think and what your willing to do, as we hold ourselves and others accountable.

Source: Black Agenda Report

Black Radio Needs News, Not Michael Baisden’s Slanders

by BAR executive editor Glen Ford


Syndicated hustler Michael Baisden, eager to become kingpin of Jena Six fundraising, launched a slanderous campaign against every Black that didn't have access to ABC radio's corporate reach. Baisden's principal target: Color of Change, the mass-based Internet organization that raised and distributed over $200,000 for Jena defendants' legal fees in record time. Baisden used his 50-station network to defame Color of Change, in "reckless disregard of the truth," and was soon forced to issue a fraction of an apology. But Baisden's crimes only serve to dramatize the fact that near-extinction of Black radio news - the mechanism that could have stopped the junkyard dog in his filthy tracks - has left African Americans at the mercy of "media leadership." We must reclaim the commercial airwaves that reach 80-90 percent of Blacks.


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Dark Daughta said...

Very significant. I wonder who sent him in their direction so purposefully when it's clear that they were doing good work on behalf of the Jena students? From what you're describing, his actions were a good dillusion of resources and attention. Effective.