Monday, November 12, 2007

Why the Black Blogosphere MUST Drop a "Daisy Cutter" on Michael Baisden

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Here is another great post from the blog What About Our Daughters regarding the timely topic on Why the Black Blogosphere MUST Drop a "Daisy Cutter" on Michael Baisden

by Gina

Michael Baisden, who as bold as a hot pink dress at a funeral, savaged Color of Change, a venerable Black online advocacy organization tried to slide an “apology” to Color of Change under the door as he slunk away for the weekend hoping no one would notice . Now some would consider his cowardly and half-hearted apology an olive branch. Well fine, its an olive branch-- an olive branch the Black blogosphere needs to snatch from Baisden's hand and beat him about the head with.

I'm a blogger. I may blog primarily about issues affecting African American women and girls, but I am a blogger first. There would be no What About Our Daughters? If there wasn't a Black blogosphere.That is why I will often weigh in on things that don't directly pertain to moi. For example, when folks started telling Sandra Rose that they were leaving her blog because of her thoughts, I cried “FOOLISHNESS.” When some idiot male bloggers ( y'all know who they are) repeatedly launched vicious attacks and attempted to intimidate and harass Black women bloggers who blog about interracial dating and marriage, I cried “FOOLISHNESS!” When someone came to me asking me to proclaim “I love Black men” at the beginning of my podcast because some wackjob and psycho Black male blogger was going around saying that I hated Black men, I cried FOOLISHNESS! FOOLISHNESS! FOOLISHNESS!

Although I have a pretty good sized megaphone in the form of videos, a podcast and this blog, I have only directed my wrath at another Black blogger ONCE and that was in self defense after a long campaign launched against me in coordination with Viacom employees and even then, I didn't mention the guilty party by name. Why don't I attack and mock other bloggers for what they think? Well first, because they have a right to say whatever in the heck they want to, but second, because I realize that whatever this thing is that is exploding right now, it could change the course of human history so I avoid trying to take out another blogger even one out to destroy my own blog. More HERE

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