Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Blacks pessimistic about America

Working to hold Black leadership, opinion makers, public officials and institutions accountable

So what is new? Did we really need another study from Pew Research Center
to tell us that
Black folk have grown more pessimistic about America? So now we know that Black Americans are more dissatisfied with our progress than at any time in the past 20 years.

It's official, What next?

Are these three guys going to lead black folks to Martin Luther King's dream? OK, how about just the American dream? More here about the Study.

"Incidents like the Jena Six, and all of the noose incidents and how they've been handled, plays into the fact that African-Americans feel that they may be victims and no one will stand up to defend them," says Marc Morial, center. He is flanked by Revs. Jesse Jackson, left, and Al Sharpton.

Speaking of reports and studies, did you check out the study/report in the Washington PostMiddle-Class dreams are elluding African American Families.
The study also said: Many blacks are worse off than their parents.

OK, so studies can be important. So check this out. This particular study also notes, "Nearly half of African Americans born to middle-income parents in the late 1960s plunged into poverty or near-poverty as adults, according to a new study -- a perplexing finding that analysts say highlights the fragile nature of middle-class life for many African Americans."
yesterday? The fact of the matter is black folks are not doing very well in America these days. This particular study said:

Overall, family incomes have risen for both blacks and whites over the past three decades. But in a society where the privileges of class and income most often perpetuate themselves from generation to generation, black Americans have had more difficulty than whites in transmitting those benefits to their children. OK, and as if we don't have enough to burden ourselves with . Here comes another coconut head who wonders if middle class blacks are a different race.

The facts get worst.

So, Black folk, who should be held accountable for this? Drugs and violence, Teen Pregnancy, Poor Schools, Urban decay, The Reagan Revolution? Bush Tax Cuts, Social Service agencies, Black and White folks running social service programs who just don't get it? Viacom? The economy, racism, sexism, Bush's War, Welfare Reform? Black middle class moving out of urban areas, leaving the poor to fetch for themselves? Lack of engagement by black preachers in core city issues, lack of mentors? media? The Lack of Black Responsibility? BET? Or just plain lack of Black accountability across the board?

What should we do? it's on all of us, it's on you.

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